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coworkers catch on to his fetish! Laura 1 - Laura was a Dominatrix who accepted clients for weekend long engagements. Views: 153527, hits: 30455, rang: 8, views: 294698. Angel Fluff, a story told in the viewpoint of a loving daddy as he watches his little girl quietly asleep. Epic Lie Fail - A girl's lie about her grades leads to strict spankings and thick diapers.

Adult baby geschichten ao sex forum - Adult Baby Stories

Casey's Punishment - Casey's toilet training has not been going well, so her "Daddy" is forced to punish ain! Jenny Gets a Cold - Part 1 Johnathan thinks its a good idea for Jenny to wear a nappy for the first time. Back to content, back to main menu.


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The Strap for Wanda The Terrible Twos, Again! Laura 2 - The next morning he enjoys his warm, wet swingger party sex treffen jena diaper while he is restrained and treated like a one year old.

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